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Rolex GMT-Master II


The GMT-Master II is a high-quality watch that is perfect for someone who wants to monitor multiple time zones to keep an eye on. The GMT-Master II has a two-tone bezel with 24-hour markers on it and an extra hand that allows you to read two different time zones can read simultaneously. The GMT-Master II is an iconic watch that has a lot of popularity. If you are looking for a luxurious and practical watch, the GMT-Master II is a perfect choice.

The first GMT-Master II 

The first GMT-Master II was introduced in 1983 and was a big change compared to the Rolex GMT-Master. The GMT-Master II received a thicker case to make way for the new, thicker movement. With this change, the watch also received a sapphire crystal, which is much more scratch-resistant than the crystal glass that was on the Rolex GMT-Master.

The quickset function

A quickset function was also introduced on the GMT-Master II. This allows you to adjust the 24-hour hand without adjusting the other hands allowing the GMT-Master II can monitor three time zones, something that was not possible on previous models. This new feature makes for easier operation. Also, the GMT-Master II received again a glossy black dial with white gold surrounding hour markers.

The current GMT-Master II 

The current GMT-Master II is very similar to the original model. The biggest change is the use of a new movement, Rolex’s newer caliber 3186 movement, which has a Parachrom Bleu coil spring and an updated version of the caliber 3185.

Ceramic bezel 

In addition, the use of ceramic in the red-blue ceramic bezel compared to the earlier aluminum bezel. The current GMT-Master II watch case, in addition to being made in stainless steel also made in white gold and today can even have a dial made of meteorite and is one of Rolex’s most popular models.

The origins of the GMT-Master II

Before the GMT-Master II was so named, there was the Rolex GMT-Master. The GMT-Master has been around since 1954 and was originally developed so that pilots traveling around the world could read the time in two different time zones at the same time. The GMT-Master has gained great fame partly due to its appearance in the James Bond film ´Goldfinger´ where it was nicknamed ´Pussy galore´.

The GMT-Master II is a hit 

The GMT-Master II is a hugely famous watch from Rolex with a rich history. The watch is of unparalleled functionality due to its GMT function that allows you to read up to three time zones.

The recognizability of the GMT-Master

In addition, its great design gives it an instantly recognizable look which helps with its popularity. By watch lovers, the watch is loved for the stylish look that the watch brings with it. The GMT-Master II is a true classic and will be much more appreciated in the future.