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Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller was first introduced in 2012 and comes in different types of precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and two-tone. The Sky-Dweller is a sophisticated and luxurious watch that combines the unique dual time zone and annual calendar complication. In addition, the Sky-Dweller is incredibly practical and the ultimate wristwatch for global travelers. Find our entire collection of new and Pre-owned Sky-Dwellers below.

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Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller is a sophisticated and luxurious watch that is perfect for those who love to travel. It has a unique dual time zone display, as well as an annual calendar complication. The watch is made of the finest materials, and it is the most complicated watch Rolex makes. If you are looking for a watch with which to make a statement, the Sky-Dweller is a perfect choice.

History of the Sky-Dweller 

The Sky-Dweller, also known as the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, was first introduced in 2012 and comes only in gold, white gold, Everrose, and Rolesor, Rolex’s version of steel and gold. The Sky-Dweller was intended for world travelers as opposed to the GMT-Master which was designed for pilots. It was the first watch in recent times that Rolex designed without any historical context or examples of design. This allowed Rolex to let their creativity flourish and thus the Sky-Dweller was born.

Features of the Sky-Dweller 

Rotating bezel

The Sky-Dweller has several key features that make the watch unique. For example, the fluted bezel is not only beautiful, but it also has a function. The rotating bezel is a crucial part of the design because it allows you to adjust the watch to the current month and date in two time zones. This allows you to read the local time and another time zone read in one glance of the dial. The amazing design of the bezel as a feature gives the Sky-Dweller tremendous ease of use. Rolex has patents on this particular system and thus has a unique annual calendar watch. With this, Rolex shows once again why they are one of the most popular brands on earth.

The Oyster case 

This waterproof watch case was first introduced in 1926 and has been used on many different models over the years. This watch case consists of three parts: the bezel, the body, and the case back. The bezel is snapped onto the body and the case back is sealed with a screw-down crown. This design makes the Oyster case waterresistant and very durable and protects it from damage to the movement. This famous watch case, in addition to the quality and finish of the movement and dial one of the main things that set Rolex apart from other brands.

The Oyster case of the Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller has an Oyster case, made of precious metals only because the SkyDweller is one of Rolex’s most prestigious watch lines. The precious metals that are used are gold, white gold, Everrose, and Rolesor, Rolex’s version of steel and gold.

The Sky-Dweller in brief

The Sky-Dweller is a luxurious and complicated watch that is perfect for travelers who often are in multiple time zones. In addition to being an incredibly practical wristwatch, it is also one of the most beautifully designed watches on the market. The Sky-Dweller is a watch with great status and is highly sought after by collectors. The Sky-Dweller is one of the best products ever made by Rolex.