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You’ve decided on buying a watch and of course, you want a Rolex, but now you have another decision to make: whether you’ll buy a New or Pre-owned Rolex watch and where you should go. Do you have the patience to be on a waiting list or would you prefer to walk into a store and walk out with the watch of your dreams? These questions and many more come to mind when unpacking the best ways to buy a Rolex watch.

There are many options when looking to buy from an Authorized Rolex retailer to find a brand new watch where you can activate a 5-year warranty at the point of sale. You can also find plenty of brand new or watches that were never worn at the secondhand market. This allows you to find a Rolex watch in mint condition but at a price that is from a buyer who is still reputable but also possibly lower than a retailer.

Where to Buy: Authorized Dealer or Secondhand Market

There are also pre-owned or vintage watches being sold at the secondhand market which has continued to grow for Rolex Watches. Most watches that are sold at authorized Rolex retailed end up at the secondhand market someday. The reason why many people choose to go through the secondhand market instead of an authorized Rolex retails is because of the larger range of models available since you can access to buy any Rolex that has ever been made, as long as you can find it. At an authorized retailer, you can only find watches that are currently in production which limits your model options.

The secondhand market gives you everything from rare, vintage watches to models that are no longer in production. While you can still order specific watches from an authorized Rolex retailer, it may take weeks or even months for them to be able to order. With the secondhand market, all you have to do is find a seller who is available and they can usually get you your watch within a few days. The secondhand market also allows you to get out of being on a waiting list. Since specific models of Rolex watches have become popular over the years, that has resulted in a demand that exceeds the number of watches being supplied. This has resulted in waiting lists on top of having to wait for the watch to order and delivered to the buyer. In some cases, customers have even waited years for a specific watch model.

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Deciding on a New or Pre-owned Rolex watch

While, like most things, most Rolex watches decrease in value over time in the secondhand market, there are still models of sports watches that have remained popular and of great value. This relies heavily on the current condition of the watch, but a Rolex sports watch in good condition is a great find in the secondhand market. Rolex watches can also increase in value if that specific model is no longer in production. Buying a Rolex watch from the secondhand market, whether or not it’s brand new, is usually a better and cheaper buy than going to an authorized Rolex retailer especially if you buy a pre-owned watch as the value decreases with signs of wear.

You can have a chance of making a greater deal on a Rolex watch that has gone down in value from the secondhand market. This allows you to feel comfortable wearing your watch and enjoy it without worrying about putting signs of wear since it was bought pre-own. If taken care of correctly, Rolex watches are able to last for a good long time. This is why it’s so special to find the one you want at the secondhand market. While signs of wear might decrease its value on the marketplace, a pre-owned Rolex watch can still be a functional and stylish watch.

Another benefit of buying a pre-owned watch from the secondhand market is that you can have the option of choosing to buy a collectible vintage watch that is no longer in production. Vintage Rolex watches make great investments over time as long as they’re taken care of properly. Keep in good condition and you may have a vintage watch on your hands that will make you a greater return later on, depending on trends and popularity from customers. Vintage watches are also usually rare to find so if you get your hands on one, you’re very lucky. Many collectors spend so much of their time hunting for the best Rolex watch.

There is a shortage of Rolex watches which is why the pre-owned market can be helpful in finding the watch that you want and be able to walk out with it on your wrist, after paying a premium of course. Keep in mind though that finding a pre-owned Rolex watch in amazing condition can be hard to find as the market has dried out over time.


Who’s Your Dealer

It’s also important to find dealers who have a good reputation and have years of experience with dealing as well as selling watches. You can learn about qualified dealers on watch forums and take time to go visit a store. Spend that visit asking questions, trying on different models, and asking about pricing. While some may say it’s more important to follow trends, at the end of the day this is the watch you are going to wear so choose the one you like, even if it’s a bit unique. Don’t settle for a watch you don’t care much for just because it is of good value. Find a model that makes you feel happy when you wear it. You can always get service papers later from the Rolex Service Center if you find a watch you love without them and you’re looking to resell. At the end of the day, whether the watch is pre-owned or new, it all comes down to whether or not it’s the Rolex model you have your heart set on.

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